The themes proposed here are designed to give you a feeling for what is possible – namely anything. You decide what you want.

childbirth parents

Welcome to the world! We are your parents. A gift that never stops giving. For both the parents and the children, and for generations beyond.

Who are we? What are our hopes and dreams for you? Who do we want to be as your parents? What do you mean to us? How can we give you back what you have given us through your birth?

when i grow up children

It’s intriguing and often amusing to hear what our young children have to say. How they view themselves, their parents, their family, the world. A look ahead to look back upon later. A precious and incomparable memory for the adults they will become.

Who are you? What do you do all day? What are your likes? Dislikes? What do you think of Mummy? And Dad? What do they do all day? How are they with you? If a fairy granted you three wishes, what would they be?

love / partnership couples

An „I do“. A message from a couple to itself. A memory – perhaps for anniversaries to come. In times of crisis even. Or old age. An historical document for children and further generations. A rare and memorable wedding present!

Who do we want to be as a couple? Where do we want to go? What does it mean to us to be in a loving relationship? What does freedom mean? How do we want to shape our life together? Do we want to promise each other something? What values do we want to live by?

lifestories old age / legacy

Lifestories are at the heart of what I do with THE PORTRAIT® . For individual people or entire families. Historical and emotional chapters, from birth to the present day. Time to look back at what has been and forward at what is still to come. A liberating journey and a touching gift for the ones you love.

A Lifestory portrait can be made up of many different things: personal interviews with you and others close to you; visits to places of past and present importance to you. The possibilities are endless.

Who did I aspire to be? Who did I become? What dreams and desires did I have? Which ones came to fruition? Which didn’t? Why? What relationships did I have? What do I leave behind? Where do I come from? Where am I going? What do I believe? Bringing clarity to the unclear. Saying what has not been said.

dementia before forgetting

Dementia changes everything. For the patient and for the people around them.

A videographic portrait created when the illness is in its early stages can be a valuable aid, to openly approach the issue in a way that is understandable for your loved ones, to confront the fears and emotional burdens of the illness, while at the same time recalling happy memories from the past. All this can be a precious and helpful experience for everyone involved.

My life. Memories. Who was I? Who am I now? Who will I become? Chapters in a life. Dreams. Wishes. Goals. How has it changed my life to be diagnosed with dementia? And that of those around me? What are my fears? What needs and desires do I have? For now and for the future?

reflection mirror

Reflecting means shedding light on and analysing one’s own thoughts, feelings and actions. With the goal of gaining more clarity about oneself and adjusting one’s life accordingly.

It can give you a helpful – often surprising – look at who you really are. When we talk with people or read things we have written, we remain in our accustomed perception of ourselves. But watching ourselves reflect on video, we see ourselves as others do; from the outside, as an individual with all our language traits, gestures and mimicry. And it often gives us a refreshing new perspective on who we are. That helps us to reduce the discrepancy between how we and others see us, and to experience ourselves as others do.

Sounds complicated? It’s actually not. But it is an invaluable and intriguing experience.