About me Martin Halm

For me, a good portrait is a glimpse at the essence of a person.

Martin Halm (© Nils Schwarz)
Martin Halm (© Nils Schwarz)

the idea

I am intrigued by the question of how we become who we are. This fascination inspires me in my work as portraitist, actor, director and systemic coach.

The idea for THE PORTRAIT® grew out of a personal project. In order to gain some deeper insight into my family history, I interviewed my parents and siblings, resulting in six moving, 45-minute video portraits.

Making, watching and then discussing the films changed us. The retrospective reminded our parents of things they had long since forgotten, and they opened up about things they had never talked about before. Seeing the many episodes from their lives from a new standpoint helped them put it all into a new perspective.

We kids gained a new appreciation of the nature and backgrounds of our parents and ourselves. We learned things about each other and how our family functions that we hadn’t considered before. We understood more clearly where we came from. We and our children all benefit from that knowledge.

Because that was such an enriching experience for all of us, I decided to give other people the same opportunity, with THE PORTRAIT® .

skills and expertise

FATHER of a grown-up daughter
STUDY OF FILM DIRECTING at UCLA University of California Los Angeles
ACTOR / VOICE ACTOR / DUBBING DIRECTOR for more than 350 movie and TV productions
SYSTEMIC COACH GST MUNICH – Society for Systemic Therapy and Advisory Services