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  • What is the approximate running time of a lifestory portrait?

    in most cases around 40 to 60 minutes. In some cases considerably longer, depending on how many people share their insights.

  • How long is the overall production time of the portrait?

    The time from our first contact to the finished video portrait will be roughly 2 to 6 weeks for „simple“ portraits. More complex projects can take several months to completion.

  • Can i use my favourite music/songs in my portrait?

    yes and no

    YES: if your portrait is not uploaded to any online platform like youtube, not published on any website, is shown strictly in a private setting, then you have the right to use your favourite songs in a film.

    NO: in all other cases you can only use licence-free music.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: in my productions i only use music, which is licenced for online use. these licences i acquire at services like AUDIONETWORK, ARTLIST.IO, EPIDEMIC SOUND an others.